Multifamily Investor Owners:

Why is property management needed?
Property management is involved with every aspect of the running of the property. We complete everything from the financials to the lawn mowing. We ensure compliance to any  governing entity, etc.

Have you had experience in turning a "troubled property"?
Many. Unfortunately, sometimes owners do not realize their property is in trouble until it is really broken. Our job is to fill the vacancies, get the expenses in line, turn the units, hire the right people, and set up operational protocol. Our goal is to assist the owners in realizing a return on their investment by either monthly distributions or building equity for a sale or refinance.

What government agencies do you have experience working with?
I have many years of experience working with Federal HUD, USDA Rural Development, Florida Housing Tax Credit, local county and city authorities. 

What location areas can Management Specialists provide their services?                                     We believe that to provide the best most responsive service to a property we need to be able to have access to that property that requires only a short commute therefore, we provide services to areas located in the Panhandle from Panama City through Tallahassee, from the Atlantic Coast to the Gulf Coast located within a four hour drive of Gainesville.

Can you provide an analysis of our property's financials and advise us in budget issues, marketing, etc?
Yes, if you are an owner or part owner in a property, we can provide this information.  We have extensive experience in preparing budgets, proformas, income statements, balance sheets, cash disbursements, and would be pleased to help in anyway. 

What services does Management Specialists provide?
Visit our services page on the website for a complete list.