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Multifamily - Apartments

We just obtained 4 new Rural Development Properties in Bainbridge and Moultrie, Georgia and are excited to assist them in making it the best, affordable properties possible!

Expanding our Business 

The Management Specialists team is always looking to improve the realm of service we can provide to our customers and the housing market so we have added two new divisions to our Company, North Central Housing, Inc. and Cutting Edge Renovation and Painting, LLC. 

North Central Housing, Inc:

We have just formed a Non Profit Entity, North Central Housing, Inc. whose sole purpose is to operate properties that could otherwise be sold to “for profit entities” thus eliminating affordable housing mostly in the Rural Development Areas. Our non profit will provide owners that wish to seek tax relief on the sale of their properties a way to do that by selling to a nonprofit that is set up and trained to manage these type of communities. 

Cutting Edge Renovation and Painting, LLC:

Because most of what we do is managing and protecting the asset of our properties we have expanded to provide our owners with our own in house renovation company. Many times it is difficult to find contractors that can provide it all and will agree to do the little things as well as the work that is in depth requiring a permit so with this expansion of services we now have such a company that can handle it all. Cutting Edge Renovation and Painting, LLC is owned by Jim Ianuale who has been providing service to customers in the Gainesville area for 25 years. See our renovation page on these services.

New Faces, New Places

Cedar Creek Apartments - Cottondale, FL

Our non-profit entity, North Central Housing has recently purchased Cedar Creek Apartments, a 25-unit elderly Rural Development and Tax Credit property in Cottondale, FL.We recently had a chance to meet the residents and are very excited to provide the management services this community needs! We would like to welcome the manager, Kelly Allen & maintenance staff, Keith Fisher to the Management Specialists team!



Employee Advancements

Congratulations to Karen Jones! She has recently been promoted to Area Manager for Lynn Haven, Florida properties including Forest Manor, Briarwood, Havenwood, and Pinehurst Garden.  

Kenyetta Joyner was just transferred to her home town to become the manager for our Tallahassee property. Kenyetta is up for the challenge and is working hard to put into place a full rental assistance program.